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Illustrative Example - Excellent Credit

Borrowing R100,000 over 72 months with an indicative annual interest rate of 11%, and a balloon value of R0.0, the amount payable would be R1,996.15 a month, the total cost of credit will be R43,723.16 (interest), the capital including interest payable will be R143,723.16

Lower monthly payment

Reduce interest rate

Get cash out of your car equity

Pre-qualify in 15 minutes. No impact on your credit report.

Welcome to Refinance-a-Car

Refinancing your car loan will reduce your monthly payment, with the benefit of a lower interest rate too! One way to come up with some extra cash is to refinance your car with us. We offer a variety of refinancing options:

Extend the term of your current loan for the outstanding balance (settlement) and reduce your instalment, get cash out and only pay your next instalment in 60 days*

Refinance your vehicle for its current market value over a longer term, receive the cash difference, and still pay a similar instalment.

Easy steps to Re-finance your car

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After completing the inquiry form we will send you a link to our online application form.

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As soon as we have received your application we will present you with a car refinance quotation.

Compare & save

Compare your new repayment with your existing instalment and accept our quote.

Sign your new agreement

We will send one of our FAIS accredited agents to you to sign the new agreement, and settle any outstanding amount.

Lower your monthly instalment

Benefits of Car Re-finance

You can lower your current monthly instalment on your vehicle by refinancing your existing credit agreement. You might have purchased your vehicle with a high-interest rate and you now qualify for a lower rate, this can potentially save you thousands of rands during the remainder of your loan agreement. Another option is to extend the term of your current loan agreement which will also reduce your monthly instalment significantly.

If the current outstanding amount on your vehicle credit agreement is lower than what the market/retail value of your vehicle is then you can even refinance your vehicle to get cash out, this is way cheaper than credit card debt, if your vehicle is fully paid, you have the option to refinance your vehicle for it`s current market value and get the full amount out in cash, you will then enter a new credit agreement for as low as prime, once again way lower than credit card or personal loan rates.

Residual Value Due

We can also assist you to refinance your residual/balloon payment that might be due. Banks normally only allow a maximum period of two years to refinance your residual value after your credit agreement has come to an end, can refinance your residual value for 6 years (72 months) which will reduce your instalment significantly - AND you can even get cash out if the retail value of your vehicle allows it.


If you qualify to refinance your vehicle you will also skip your next vehicle instalment for 45-60 days, yes that is two repayments that you will save on, imagine having two payment holidays on your existing vehicle loan agreement. This does not affect your credit rating in any way, in fact, by refinancing your vehicle you will actually boost your credit rating.


Frequently Asked Questions

Why vehicle refinance?

In a nutshell, people choose car refinance as a way to save money and reduce their current interest rate. For example, if the existing car loan rate is extremely high, refinancing your vehicle is a great way to get a better rate. Your credit rating will also improve as your existing loan will be settled in full and you will enter a new credit agreement. If you choose to extend the term of the loan together with a lower rate, you will have a noticeable saving on your monthly instalment.

What Interest rate will I qualify for?

Your estimated rate will be presented to you as part of the initial quotation. Our rates are very competitive but ultimately the rates are dependent on each individual's current credit profile, the better your current credit profile, the better your new rate will be.

How much cash can I get out?

This is dependent on the vehicle value, any current settlement to a financial institution and ofcourse your existing credit profile. For example, if your car is fully paid up and has a trade value of R100000 you might be able to receive the full R100 000 out in cash. If however your vehicle has a trade value of R100000 and you still owe R50 000 to a bank you will only be able to get R50 000 cash out when you refinance your vehicle.

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* Monthly Payment – Average monthly payment savings may result from a lower interest rate, longer term, or both. Your actual savings may be different.
** APR — APR is the Annual Percentage Rate. Your actual rate may be different. The APR is based on a number of factors including your credit profile and the loan to value of the vehicle.
Advertised 11% APR based on a representative example of refinancing a 2015 or newer vehicle with a credit score of 600 for a term of 72 months.
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